Fund Safety

Safety Of Funds

Offering a trustworthy and transparent online trading service to investor

Stepup Group Corp provides its services in 110+ countries around the world. We always strictly abide by the regulations, highly emphasizing our clients fund safety and security and the protection of our clients and their investment is our primary concern. We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.

Data Protection…

Our trading platform is designed to meet the rigorous security standards of international financial and banking institutions. Stepup Group Corp always makes its client’s information security its first priority.

All connections and data communication between our clients and our servers are encrypted and secured with dynamically generated 128-bit keys. All personal and account information on our website is also encrypted by using Digicert issued 128-bit-SSL certificates.
Safety Of Funds

Segregation of funds

Stepup  FX strictly adheres to the industry’s best practices, in keeping with the land’s rules and regulations. We keep our client’s financial assets exclusively in client accounts, fully isolated from Stepup Group Corp Markets accounts.